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Mold Investigations and Remediation:



Indoor aeroallergens such as mold and pollen are widely recognized as contaminants which adversely affect human health. According to 1998 CDC study, asthma affects 10 million adults and 5 million children per year with costs reaching over $10 millionadults and 5 million children per year with costs reaching over $10 billion per year for medical care.  The same study implicates allergic rhinitis as a disease exacerbated by indoor pollutants.  Allergic rhinitis, also known as “runny nose”, affects more than 40 million people per year and accounts for 3.5 million lost workdays, 2 million missed school days, and direct costs exceeding$4 billion. To assist the industry in identifying the indoor pollutants that are known to be harmful to the human population, L.Y. Environmental, Inc. performs qualitatively and quantitatively sample for airborne, surface and carpet contaminants such as mold,pollen, fiberglass, animal dander, and insect biodetritus.  L.Y. Environmental, Inc. performs inspection and evaluation, prepares the necessary documents, designs.   In addition L.Y. Environmental, Inc. implements a remedial action and completes the project with reconstruction of the remediate sections of the building if necessary.




Asbestos, a known carcinogen, is found in thousands of construction products and is present in almost every building constructed prior to 1980. Due to the harmful effects of asbestos fibers, regulations have been enacted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and theEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA), to protect the health and safety of building employees, occupants and construction workers. As the leading asbestos consulting firm in the Inland Empire Region in southern California, L.Y. Environmental, Inc. has surveyed numerous buildingsand managed and designed numerous asbestos abatement projects.


State and federal regulations hold building owners and employers responsible for protecting employees, occupants, and outside contractors from exposure to asbestos. L.Y. Environmental, Inc. helps clients comply with these regulations by conducting building surveys and providing comprehensive assessment reports. L.Y. Environmental, Inc. asbestos surveys locate asbestos­containing materials and determine whether the asbestos poses a hazard to building occupants, employees and construction workers. L.Y. Environmental, Inc. survey begins with samples taken from materials suspected of containing asbestos. Sample analysis is then undertaken by independent laboratories that participate in the National Bureau of Standards, the National Voluntary Accreditation Program, and the EPA Research Triangle Program.

Data collected during the survey is incorporated into a report that includes: laboratory test results include: